Indian Lake
Project working together with Ducks Unlimited
2021 Update

Central MN Sportsman Alliance
Pheasant Release

Land in memory of Brandon Lindeman

Youth Day

Spring 2011, CPA sponsored a Youth Day at the Green Isle
Sportsman’s Club for Sibley East & Green Isle 4th graders

McLeod Fish & Wildlife Chapter
Article from the McLeod County Chronicle

MFWA Hen Nesters

Green Isle Chapter
Projects we have been working on around the community

Central Sibley Chapter
Projects we have been working on around the community

Wood Duck Houses 2010
Supplying kids at a school with the materials to assemble Wood Duck Houses

Duck Release
Central Sibley Country Project 2007

Emanuel Lutheran
Environmental Learning Habitat

Pheasants Forever
Project working together with Pheasants Forever

Wood Duck Houses
Working with children to assemble Wood Duck Houses

Capable Partners

Fox Hill
The FoxHill project is a joint project between Pheasants Forever and McLeod Fish & Wildlife. It consists of 80 acres total, when broke down it will have 3.5 acres in wildlife woody cover, 47.7 acres in restored prairie and 28.8 acres in wetland restoration.

Dehning Project
Green Isle Chapter donated $6500 to the Dehning project by Silver Lake South of Green Isle.

Pheasant Release
McLeod Fish & Wildlife had a big pheasant project. They raised and released about 2,800 pheasants.

Virgil Voight
Green Isle Conservation Partners project. It consists of 152 acres of land which was restored and 2 large ponds were added.